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Varsity Learning Tools currently provides more than 100,000 individual problems and thousands of practice tests across 150 subjects, including the ACT and SAT. This includes diagnostic tests, practice tests, flashcards, and questions of the day.
Students have completed more than 40 million problems on the Varsity Learning Tools platform to date. 

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Most colleges and universities in Maryland are incorporating online degree programs, with 14 schools offering a variety of degrees. Knowing that students and families are faced with trying to figure out the best option for them, we created and focused our site and its resources to provide an investigative review of the online education landscape and to critically evaluate the increasingly-popular online college rankings that are being touted on the internet.

Here are a few of the resources thought would be the most relevant and useful to you:
Ideally, we want students to be able to gain valuable insight into their education especially when it comes to online education, understanding tuition and financial aid options, as well as true cost vs. benefit.

As I had mentioned other educational institutions and organizations have cited our resource on their websites giving students, educators, and their families access to our resources. Examples include:


"Choosing a college major is an important decision for students beginning college. It is important to choose a major based on your interests, as well as one that can lead to a long-term career. For many students, salary can be an important factor in choosing a major, but it is also important to keep in mind when evaluating the cost of the degree. For most careers, it will take more than a year's worth of the average starting salary to be able to cover the cost of your education